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This blog is for “Human Ecology: Rivers,” a summer practicum course offered by Sophia University (Tokyo, Japan).  It is used to provide a platform for course participants to share ideas and connect to the world.   This course is sponsored by the Sophia AIMS program.

This summer (2016), we will spend 11 days in Eastern Hokkaido.

If you are interested in finding out more about this course, click on the photo bellow or click here for the course syllabus.

We also have a twitter account (@humanecologysop) and a Facebook page.


Sophia AIMS (SAIMS) プログラムの特別科目である、夏期集中フィールドゼミ「Human Ecology : Rivers」のブログです。2016年は、8月上旬に北海道の釧路湿原と厚岸を訪れ、河川の環境保全・野生動植物の保護活動などの取組みを、英語で学習します。