This blog is for “Human Ecology: Rivers,” a field-based seminar focused on the environment offered at the Faculty of Liberal Arts and the Graduate School of Global Studies, Sophia University (Tokyo, Japan).  It provides a platform for course participants to share ideas and connect to the world.  This course is sponsored by the Sophia AIMS program.

This summer (2017), we will spend 7 days in Eastern Hokkaido.

If you are interested in finding out more about this course, click on the syllabus photo below.

We also have a twitter account (@humanecologysop) and a Facebook page.


フィールド実践型環境ゼミ「Human Ecology : Rivers」のブログです。2017年は、8月上旬に北海道の釧路湿原と厚岸を訪れ、河川の環境保全・野生動植物の保護活動などの取組みを、英語で学習します。