Preparing for the Trip

These are few things to keep in mind when getting ready for the trip!

  • Summer months in the Kushiro area can go as high as 30°C but can also dip below 20°C even during the day.  In the evenings, the temperature go below 20°C.  In August (the hottest month), the average high is 21.2°C and the average low is 15.5°C.  Summer is also the rainiest season of the year.  If it’s not raining, it will often be cloudy and foggy.
  • Bugs will in full force all over the place. Many of last year’s participants were stung by horseflies through their clothes, which caused rashes and pain for more than a week. We need to be careful of not only horseflies and mosquitoes but ticks as well.  They can be fatal if not treated properly.  Be sure to wear layers of clothes for protection against these tiny buggers!
  • The weather can be unpredictable especially when we are out in the wilderness. Expect to get wet and muddy, since lectures can take place outside, unless it is raining heavily.

Items to Bring

– long rubber boots
– bug repellent
– comfortable shoes for hiking/trekking
– rain gear(rain coat/windbreaker jacket/umbrella)
– hat
– notebook and pen (for note-taking)
– clothes (for 10 days [washing-machines are available]: long sleeves, long pants are preferable)
– backpack
– water bottle

– flashlight
– phones
– computer
– camera/ audio recording devices
– sunscreen
– medicine(staffs will bring the first-aid kit)


Click on the photos below to learn more!

general info

jap culture 2


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