IMG_6104.JPGAkkeshi, a beautiful small town located on the East side of downtown Kushiro, is a well-known place for its seafood (especially oysters!) that even I have been to this place before. The picture above is a picture that I took a year ago during the winter.. it was really really cold.. I remember when I first came I went to a restaurant where you can pick what you like and then you can grill it yourself.

It kinda looks like this


Today we went to the Oyster Hatchery Center to have a tour on how the oysters are grown here. Akkeshi’s most famous kind of oyster is called kakiemon which I thought was very cute.


We visited the center and there were two foreigners there wanting to join us. Apparently they met here? and are on their honeymoon trip. Anyways we started our tour and never knew that oysters could be grown like this! We learned about how they add a kind of powder and make the shell grow, and luckily I got to touch the power and it was so amazing how it is even possible! They also explained to us the reason why the shell has a layer-like shape, and I realize that often times we do not pay attention to little things in life, especially to animals or the food we eat. Life is just so amazing..


It was sad that I could not get on the boat and join everyone for the oyster bar trip due to my car sickness, however, I stayed on the bus and talked to the bus driver about his life living in Kushiro for his life and about his kids and grandkids 🙂 I love Hokkaido and its people, they are just too sweet ❤

After that we left Akkeshi and head towards Kayanuma. Although we had only stayed for a day, I will always, forever remember this heart warming place.


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