Sumidagawa fireworks festival

Simidagawa fireworks, an annual fireworks festival held on the last Saturday in July, is one of the most popular fireworks festivals in Japan. It is held in Sumidagawa (Sumida River) in Asakusa, and it started way back from Edo period.


On 7/29 I went to Asakusa with friends to go see the fireworks. This is the first time me going to a hanabi taikai in yukata and I was sooo excited! However, it started to rain from 4pm, and since the fireworks starts at 7pm, my friends and I had to stand in the rain for 3 hours just to make sure we have a good enough spot to see the show.


Me sitting in the rain


Some facts about Sumidagawa:

Sumidagawa is a branch from Arakawa, separates at Iwabuchi watergate, and its tributaries include famous river such as Kandagawa. Many marine organisms live in Sumidagawa, including freshwater fish such as the common carp, goldfish, as well as Brackish water fish such as the Japanese scaled sardine.

The Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival mainly has its fireworks above Azumabashi, the most well-known bridge of Sumidagawa.

View from Azumabashi that day


Surprisingly, Sumidagawa does not stink at all, and there are many boats (mainly for tourism?) on the river as well, so I thought that the river is not as polluted as Kanda river.. (There is a cafe literally on Kanda river in iidabashi, and it was terrible).

Sumidagawa and its fireworks festival is probably one of the best experiences I have ever had in Tokyo, although it was very very crowded  (Around 957,000 people went this year apparently) and was raining. Definitely going next year:)



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