Don’t fall!

8/5 today is the last full day that we’ve got for this trip. In the morning, we all went canoeing! It was the first time me trying canoeing and since in the class, professor Watanabe was trying to tell us about how when you fall into the river you should not swim… the river is still but deep… I thought everyone was going to fall so I went, sooo prepared to fall and just be wet.

Anyways, here is a picture of me



I was on the canoe (not really a canoe though.. it was so fast I totally loved it!) with Nomoto san and he told me about how he was from Kansai but chose to come live in Hokkaido and create a family here. He told me that in Hokkaido it is 住みやすい and people are generally nice here, which I totally agree with him! He brought a few nets for me and we were trying to catch fish while canoeing. Eventually, we caught 0 fish 1 shrimp and 4 ザリガニ. There is so many crawfish in this river and I finally learned how dangerous invasive species are.


Here is a crawfish that I caught



After canoeing, we found out that we had more time than we thought we had, so all of us started playing games (ninja). Born and raised a city girl I never really had played with friends outdoor before. Being able to come to Hokkaido with this group of people really has turned me into a new person, a person who is more patient and a person who can enjoy every little thing in life, even just playing ninja 🙂


Thank you everyone from Kushiro salmon society for preparing everything for us and being so kind and understanding, and also for trying to communicating with us!


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