Time to say goodbye


From 4pm we started to have our own little bbq party. Many people who helped us out throughout the trip was invited, including Takeda san, the owner of 民宿あっけし who I talked to a lot during the first day. During the BBQ, he told me about how next march in Akkeshi there is an event going on and I should go visit! I thought about it and it since I should be free that time, I am thinking about visiting Akkeshi and Kushiro again next year 🙂 He told me how he went to Taiwan last year and it was such a nice experience for him which I am so glad to hear! It was so fun to have the BBQ party because this time we can not only just learn about ecology salmon and river, but also every single person, their background, and their story. We had Syfia in our table who I did not really talk a lot to, and since we were sitting at the same table we got to talk and I got to learn more about being a Muslin and her eating habit…etc. I love social hours.

Some good food that we had


I think I ate too much today since I had more than 20 slices of watermelon and countless pieces of fish.

After the BBQ party, we shared our watermelon with the group sitting next to us. I asked the parents where they are from and they told me that they are from Obihiro and they do baseball! The kids got so excited and they told me that they have never seen a foreigner before. They started asking me so many questions such as what is in Taiwan? How do people look like there? What do you eat? It was fun talking to them and sharing what I know to them. Then we got fireworks from the parents and I think we could say that it was the best part of the night.

This little guy over here asked me to take a picture of him. I asked if I can share it with my friends and he said ok!


Enter a caption


I talked to the parents during bath time and one of the moms told asked me what I want to do in the future. I told her I still do not know yet and she told me to not to think too much and when I am lost, come to Hokkaido! Life motto learned.

Hokkaido is truly the best place that I have ever visited. The people, the food, the view, the nature… I am so glad that I came on this trip with the right group of people. I learned to love the nature in a way that I was never taught before.

IMG_6033.JPGWill be back soon! またね!


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