Meandering river makes environment better


We discovered man-made river. Each group need to watch and observe carefully about river’s condition, vegetation and instects.

What our group needed to discover was vegetation and I found many species beside the river. There are many flowers, plants and trees. Even though we stayed on the river for an hour, I found over 10 species around the river. Also I was told that how Nekoyanagi trees hold the soil and make environment nature-made. The tree is so important for cycling ecosystem too.


But what I thought most interesting was the difference between meandering river and straight river. What we observed was straight river but there was meandering river closed by. What I saw was way more species in the meandering river than straight river. I could see more Nekoyanagi trees too.



I’ve know how meandering river is important for the environment and ecosystem. But that time was the first time for me to really “felt” how it is important for the river to be meandered.


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