August 5th,IMG_3600 I’ve done my first time canoeing. We had so much fun canoeing along the Kushiro River. At first I am a little bit scared because I’ve never try before and also I’m think about my safety because I don’t know how to swim. When we arrived to that river the “expert” already wait for us and ready for canoeing. I am canoeing with Takanano san (probably his name is wrong because I couldn’t remember everyone name hehe). He is so nice even though I don’t understand Japanese but I can communicate a little bit with him. I don’t even know how the canoe or kayak works but through this activity I learn something new in my life. The canoe needs both effort people who seat in front and people who seat at the back. The front will make the canoe move and people who seat at the back will control the movement of the canoe. From this activity I am not afraid to do this kind of activities anymore. I will do this again back home because it’s very fun and enjoying activity to do.


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