A journey to remember

This is my last blog post for this course. I am really blessed to be part of this class. At first I can’t believe that I am the only muslim in this class and of course professors, shimadasan, and satosan need to prepare with my diets and everything. at first I quite shy in this group because I am not confident with my self because my english language not that good as others. But I am glad that I meet everyone in this class i really feel the improvement in my english language. From this course I learn how to appreciate this biodiversity. I know so many new things from this Hokkaido trip. so many plants, bugs, fish and other species that I cannot found it in my country I can see it in Hokkaido. too many different species I can found in Hokkaido that make me really want to know what species can be found in my country.

besides, I finally not that shy anymore to talk with all the person in this class. I became their friends and we talk so many things from business to politics to nature and culture and we share different culture and language. I am glad that I know them and can get to know people from different country India, Thailand, Sweden and of course Japan. It was a priceless things in  my life to be part in this class. I have something i learn here that i can use in my home country. i will miss everyone in this class. Last, Tancho in the sky, Salmon in the river, but Human Ecology: Rivers will always in my heart.


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