We are different!

Today, we have BBQ party at our inn and we had a great time together not only us but also people whom we met since the first being here in Hokkaido! Prof. Watanabe said that this kind of BBQ is the Hokkaido style and that is why I have not experienced this before. I had a lot of seafoods because I prefer to have seafood more than meat. What I had are oysters, Hanasaki Gani, squids, Hokkaido Hokke, lamb, beef etc.

We had a talk with Shimizusan and it was very interesting according to the translation from Prof. Watanabe. He was talking about his life experience related to Japanese history. Unfortunately, I could not understand what he had tried to explain so that I felt really bad to myself. I should have known Japanese. Therefore, I promise to myself that when I get back to my home country, I will work hard on Japanese language. Maybe, I could have a chance to be here and meet these people again.

I also had a little conversation with him and he knew that I could not understand Japanese, he tried to communicate with me. I was very appreciated of that. After finishing our meal, we went to play with kids who gave us the fireworks. They are just elementary school students and they are so lively. They also gave us new perspectives too when we went to the onsen.

To conclude, I think this trip gives lots of things to me and this is our last night here. Definitely, I also have to go back to my country soon. Furthermore, this course gathers people who are from different places which are Japanese, Taiwan, Malaysia, India, Philippines, America, France, Sweden, and Thailand and I have just noticed that on the last day. I do not think that we are different, we can naturally live in the same society. Therefore, I think human and nature can be co-existence too.


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