On August 4,  we held a symposium about restoring wetlands and reviving salmon at the inn 憩いの家.

The guests were the ones who play an important to role to each community and we got to hear inspirational talks.
But especially the key talk by Dr. BJORN BARLAUP was impressive and helped me understand the current situation of Salmon fishery in Norway.
He talked about things that were mentioned in the book “becoming salmon” such as the Vosso salmon rescue project and escaped farmed salmon so I could deepen my understanding of the book through his talk.
I was surprised that sea lice is a big threat to the wild Atlantic Salmon, in that 50,000 salmon died because of sea lice.

At the symposium, the guests had different knowledge and different interest towards wetland and salmon but they’re all passionate about restoring the nature and sustaining ecosystem. I was impressed by how local people are so involved to restore their nature and I hope they will keep it up and inspire other locals to join their community.

P.S. The coffee that Kosugi san brought was very good!!


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