Farmed, Hatched, or Natural

IMG_3347 (2).JPG

August 1st , we had the opportunity to visit an oyster hatchery and see the oysters produced in lake Akkeshi in Hokkaido. We first road a boat to the lake of Akkeshi to see the Oysters being grown in the lake with Mr. Nakajima, the fisherman who brought us to his oyster farm. It was an amazing experience to be able to see Oysters in their state of growing, considering I had only seen Oysters fried or in half of their shell to be served at restaurants.

The hatchery was also very fascinating. Mr.Takeyama, a worker at the Akkeshi Hatchery & Research center talked with so much passion for the oysters. Their hatchery contained a contraption that placed light on tanks of water that contained plankton. The lights flash on the plankton to allow them to do photosynthesis and expand in numbers. The plankton is made to feed the baby oysters.

They also had an ongoing experiment to converge large and well-conditioned oysters to create offspring with genes that would possibly allow bigger and stronger oysters to deprive in the future.

Through both of the talks, I was able to feel the passion and pride these actors have toward oysters. It was an important experience to think of one of the primary characters in the process of producing, selling, and consuming marine products when actually consuming it myself. I questioned whether my foods were farmed, hatched or natural.



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