The Origin


On the 2nd of August, we had a trip to the forest with the ministry of environment’s rangers. Even though the explanation along the trip was in Japanese, professors had an active translation which I was very appreciate! I receive many new knowledges about national park. Surprisingly, I have not known that the national park can be owned by individuals. Also, I now have more understanding about the system of how to reserve the nature within the national park’s system.

After that we went hiking from the East wetland to headwaters. Actually, during walking, I saw a lot of interesting creatures. For example, different species of insects and plants, which I could not identify what species they were because they looked so similar. One of my friends caught a little fish at the downstream river, which is called “Hana Kajika” and it was a coincidence that my friend’s name is also Hana. However, every time when we caught something, we have to return it to the nature to maintain its environment.

Consequently, we arrived the place where there is an abundance of crayfish. We caught a lot of crayfish there and also saw crayfish gave birth with many babies. It was very lucky for us to see this extraordinary situation surrounded by the nature!

About the river, I have never visited any river so this is my first time. Of course, it is a good experience to see such a very freshwater flowing along the forest. Unfortunately, there was a lot of cans in this area. I could not imagine how and why people dropped these trashes in the forest.

To sum up, I live in the city for my whole life and have never visited to these kinds of place. Furthermore, I think it is a valuable experience because there is no place  like this in Thailand due to the geographic reasons. Furthermore, I feel very surprised and fascinated that the origin of lifes has such a beautiful environment. However, because of human, we destroy the environment just for human needs. I can certainly say that everyone who visits here would get something back especially the awareness towards nature. I really enjoyed this trip!



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