A walk to headwater

2/8- it was a really nice experience to walk up the river. To have the experience entering the brooks and walk along the river to the water source is just make me realize that humans are not the only one that live in the world. I am used to walk to the brooks in my home country but it doesn’t feel the same with here. I get to know new species such as crayfish, tick and horsefly. I don’t even know their existence before. One of the best thing I will not forget is about one of the crayfish is giving birth it was very amazing experience to see new birth of crayfish.

Also I get to know that we cannot simply drinks the water from river because it might be a disease in there because of it might be some disease or toxic created by the animals waste. From that I’ve learn that wetland is not only home for some species but it also can absorb more water and can prevent flood. I also learn that if the farming or any agriculture activities upstream can affect downstream. This is because the river from upstream carried all the nutrients to the downstream. Natural resources is carried by to the downstream and it effects the growth of water chestnut in the Takkobu lake. It was a great experience to learn all this things because when I’m in my home country I never bother about the changes of our forest or diversity.


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