Shisyamo or Capelin?

In the afternoon of August 3rd, we visited the Salmon Fishery and learned about how salmon is caught by the traps that they set.
I learned how change in environment affects aquaculture severely in that the number of Salmon has been decreasing due global warming.
The fishermen suspect that when the temperature of seawater rises, the feed that salmon eat declines so the number os salmon declines as well.
I felt bad for the fishermen because their business is going to become more difficult as time goes by.

After listening to the talk about salmon we also learned about shisyamo. And I was surprised by the fact that shishamo we eat at the dinner table is not real shishamo but they are capelin, which are made in the northern part of Hokkaido near Russia.
The real shisyamo is only caught in a very limited area in Hokkaido, including Kushiro.


(The top one is the real shisyamo and the bottom one is capelin.)

I heard that the real shisyamo is very tasty so I want to try them some time! :9





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