Local vs. Global

It’s now day 3 of the Hokkaido trip, and we’ve already done and learnt a lot. On thing I’ve been thinking about is global and local environmental issues. What made me think about this was the answer I got from asking an Akkeshi official about current environmental problems. He replied that though they are working on the local issues and that work is going well, global warming and climate change is bringing new problems that they didn’t have before. One such is typhoons. They didn’t occur in the area historically, but in the last couple of years have become problematic. So the main problem in Akkeshi right now is to deal with new unprecedented problems that they aren’t able to prevent. The fact that global warming is well, global, is obvious, but I hadn’t really considered what that means for fishing towns like Akkeshi. No matter how hard they work to for example maintain biodiversity or keep the water clean they have no control over what other places in the world do – but since it’s all connected they’re affected all the same. However, the bright side here is that due to this connectivity what Akkeshi does also matters for the rest of the world. And so if more towns and cities paid as much attention to their environment there might be real change.IMG_6453.JPG


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