Kakiemon in Hokkaido

For the afternoon of the 1st of August, we went on to explore the new production style of oysters in Akkeshi which grew locally – unlike before.

What happened in this town is that local oysters which are huge & grow vertically started to disappear due to overproduction. As a result, farmers began to buy baby oysters (oyster spat) from major oyster producing cities & used the scallop technique which consisted of placing the spats near the large scallop shell to grow from the calcium-filled shell. However, this form of production meant that it was not local oysters. Recently, there has been a shift towards creating local oysters by using a new technique called the single-cell technique, which has ben learned from a case in Australia. This form differed from the scallop technique by growing on a shell thats the size of the spat. Thus, the oyster grows with the shell & develops its own shell.

What really fascinated me was the idea to start growing local. Also, rather than reading & seeing videos about it, we were actually in front of it, living it. We saw the way its produced, we saw a fisherman showing us how he grows them & where he grows them. Finally, we tested the oysters. Unfortunately, the oysters we tried were not the single cell technique but instead the former technique. Nonetheless, the whole experience of that afternoon was great due to the fact that we not only saw how oyster production is trying to change & become unique but also by testing ourselves at the place itself, Akkeshi.




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