Field Trip: Tokyo Port Wild Bird Park

Maybe this is a late post since our first field trip was on May 10th. But it’s never too late to post this experience right? It was my first experience went to wetland. I never thought that even in the urban area they still have wetland that some people try to keep all the creatures there. I was interested about the tidal flats that Professor Watanabe mentions in the monorail. I went back and try to research a little bit about the importance of tidal flats. It was important because it supports the habitats such as birds and fish. Tidal flats was the place that provide both feeding and resting areas for them. And also we were taken to walk through the restricted area for public. It was supper cool and awesome to walk through the “tree alley” I don’t really know what to call that walkway and we have to walk along the beach and I realize that the beach was not a sand beach. The fact of sand beach is it was not sand but it was occurs from dead corals.

To end this entry, I would like to say that Japan has taught me how to be a nature lover with it’s suburb magnificent and spectacular views. Despite the vast development happened in this city, Japan still showed how important it is to keep the natures reserved and I believe by showing the appreciation is a token of respect to this sacred land.


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