Tokyo Port Wild Bird Park; is it make sense to have the park in major city?

I think it is really nica to have such a wild park in Tokyo. I have six reasons for that. First of all, to have such a park in the city can increase access for people to nature. As the park can access easily, (about 20 minutes by train from Tokyo station) people who do not usually have chance can enjoy these nature. It is good to get touch with nature because if people get to know how it is fun to touch with nature, people may get interested in about environment. Secondly, the park can be used to invite foreign people for sightseeing. Because there are so many wild birds close to the city, people can get knowledge of what kind of birds are in Japan. Thirdly, as to maintain the wild park, people can get knowledge of birds habitat; how to protect environment which birds likes, when they are arrive, how to make place to rest for the bird. That kind of knowledge can be used to protect bird’s environment in other part of Japan. For example, in the Tokyo Port Wild Bird Park, the staff try to invite a bird called Sterna albifrons sinensis and tried hard to make the nice environment for them. What they tried to invite the birds are; make the invitation place like island to protect them from enemy; prevent grass to grow because they habitat sandy place and so on. They wanted to invite the bird because they are in red list of Japan. It is listed in 絶滅危惧II類(VU), which means same stage as Vulnerable in IUCN’s list. Fourthly, the effort to protect environment for birds can increase the habitat for birds even though it made by humans. To quote from the Tokyo Port Wild Bird Park, “Every year, shorebirds, ducks, waterfowl and songbirds can be seen here. Since 1990, 226 species of birds have been recorded in the park (as of March 2015).” Even if it is made by humans, it is good to increase bird’s habitat.

In conclusion, it is good idea to have such a wild park even though it is artificial because; people can touch with nature easily; the park can be interesting for foreign people; people can get better knowledge about wild birds; the effort to maintain park can increase birds’ habitat.



[1] 林英子、森本幸祐、深町加津枝ほか『生物多様性と造園学―東京港野鳥公園におけるコアジサシの誘致を事例として』
Visited in 2017.5.18
[1] 環境省 『レッドリスト 鳥類』報道発表資料 哺乳類及び鳥類のレッドリストの見直しについて 平成10年6月12日 visited in 2017.5.18
[1] WWF Japan 『レッドリストについて』
Visited in 2017.5.18
[1] Tokyo Port Wild Bird Park
Visited in 2017.5.18


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