Dandelion/ Taraxacum Officinale

Who knows this beautiful tiny flower name?

It’s Dandelion or scientific name is Taraxacum. There are 30 species of Dandelion that can be found all over the world, such as Taraxacum albidum, Taraxacum Californicum, Taraxacum Japonicum and etc. They are native to Eurasia and North America.

Dandelion is a yellowish flower that propagate as wild flower. The Dandelions flower opens to greet in the morning and closes in the evening. as time goes by and it reach it’s limits, the yellow part of Dandelion flower will turned white.  “The dandelion provides its seeds with a slightly more complex flying apparatus, a tiny disc of radiating threads that form, in effect, a parachute. A dandelion presents these seeds to the wind hoisted on the top of a stem and arranged as a fragile elegant globe.”-Attenborough

Dandelions are flowers that be used in medical field, edible to consume and also as ornaments. Did you know the roots of Dandelion is said to be diuretic (makes you pee) ?. It is also claimed to be a mild laxative, and it’s consent the milky latex has been used as mosquito repellent. There are many benefits of Dandelion to human.Traditionally, Dandelion more popular as ornamental flowering plants compared as medicine. This is because the flowers of Dandelions look brilliant and frequently seen in gardens or park.

Nevertheless, Dandelion green from young plant can be eaten raw in salads. Dandelion flower also can be cooked and eaten. Dandelion mainly used in Asian Cuisine and also many people use Dandelions for wine making. Dandelion have rich source of vitamins A,C and K. It also contains high level of iron, calcium and potassium.

As I say before, every parts of Dandelions is useful. I found this beautiful Dandelion flower at Sanadabori Grounds in front of Sophia University’s main gate.

Thank You.


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