Wisteria (fuji)

-by Priyanka Gupta

Typically a purplish pink heaven, Wisteria flowers scientifically known as wisteria floribunda are woody wines which belong to the pea family; fabaceae. Japan happens to be one of the few places where these purplish pink gems happen to grow.

I visited Ashikaga flower park during golden week as the peak season for these flowers to bloom is between mid April and mid may. Like any other tourist or local for that matter, I was truly captivated by the wisteria. Its really something like I have never seen before. If one thinks that, the only thing Japan is famous for are cherry blossoms, they are clearly mistaken as they haven’t really heard about this “low-key” pink heaven.


These 144 year Wisterias belong to the legume family and typically do not have branches. Hence the steel rods hold them up to make them look like a canopy of pink flowers.

They typically take a few years develop to an extent where they can bloom, roughly 6 years. However, these flowers can grow in poor soil as well. So I feel, looking at these pictures and how stunning they look, its truly worth the wait!

The tale of fuji no hana; the Wisteria festival in Ashikaga, is typically a place one would like to spend in during Golden week. Typically for a date haha.

The entire park is lit up, truly glorifying the wisterias which look like a hanabi or fireworks of flowers!

Wisteria’s are widely known for its beauty. The flowers have no commercial use as their seeds are poisonous, however its beauty is simply enough to attract people from all over the world, and add the the tourism industry of Japan.

If you ever decide to visit Ashikaga flower park, don’t forget to get in line to get their Wisteria ice-cream as well, Its simply delicious!






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