I have a mixed feeling while writing this. I am half glad that this is going to be my last blogpost to produce and finally be work free, but at the same time knowing that when I finish writing it will really be the end of this course. Regardless, everything has an end and I guess I just have to deal with it. For my last blog, I should write about our final presentation but I don’t have much to say about it to be honest, except to say we all did a great job.

I think the most important thing I learnt from this tip was the interconnected nature of the ecosystem that affect all living things in the environment. There is no single problem that can be solve by itself when it comes to environmental issue, and only with the skill to see the world with an open mind the closest path to see any improvement in the current situation. The importance of community building among different interest group is also a vital factor in conservation effort. The fundamental problem of the current environmental issue occurs not within the realm of the natural environment, but infant it occurs in the human community. By improving the human relationship through efforts to gain understanding of each other, I believe that it will eventually lead to better conservation.

It is best spend my last few words to thank Professor Watanabe and Ito for organising such a fantastic class and really hope that this class will continue so more students can experience the same as we did. And another person we must not for get to thank is Lise, who came along with us to support us in every way. I’m sure the trip would not have been the same without your care and support and the two professors most likely appreciated your shrewd personality more than anything! I will definitely miss this trip and most of all my intelligent classmates who gone through so much together!




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