Man VS Nature…

(July 31)

… and Nature is the winer!

Today was a day to remind us that in the end, nature is the one controlling us…

After we had to cancel our boat tour because of the rain, we had to give up on finding birds or deer in the wetland because of the fog!

On the other hand, we had the opportunity to listen to a very interesting lecture given by Nakajima-san, and learn how the fishermen catch and raise their oysters, how to properly open the oyster, where is the stomach or the head… so many information that will enable me to show off my knowledge during Christmas and New Year dinners in France, in which oysters are THE main ingredients!

After that, we could experience once again how incredible is the hospitality in Hokkaido by going to Takada-san’s house. I was really surprised because we were literally treated like guests! Also, I have the feeling that among all the people we have encountered since yesterday, Takada-san is the one who talked the most about his feelings and emotions, his fears, joys and hopes. It really helped us to have a deeper understanding on how necessary it is to adapt to nature rather than trying to arbitrary control it. He made us understand how much courage it required to stand for what we think is right, and how demanding it is to go against the main stream and common thinking, despite the strong opposition of coworkers or family. Nevertheless, he proved that the instinct and the experience of a 70 years old shrimp fishermen is worth being listened to, because his plan eventually helped to restore the ecosystem and improve the economy of shrimps fishermen.

The afternoon was less busy with our tour to the Waterfowl Observation Center with Shibuya-san. Unfortunately we couldn’t see any animal into the wetland because of the impressive fog, but we spent a nice time looking at the information of the center and playing with the fascinating live camera.

I really hope the weather will improve for the days to come, because it really feels “mottaenai” to come from so far and prepare so much but not being able to see or study properly. I still keep faith for the days to come!


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