Wanda Grinda as a ground for discussion

We held our Wanda Grinda proposals today at the Kushiro Wildlife Conservation Center. The topics ranged from Tancho Cranes to Social Ecological Systems, and we finished with a great presentation on the attempt to raise awareness in local consumers by using QR codes that explain ecological agriculture.

The talks were attended by local stakeholders, Kikuchi san, MLIT staff, Suzuki san from the Tancho Crane Sanctuary, members of the Salmon Society and more. However, some important stakeholders like members of the Fishery Corporation could not attend. After the presentations, there was an interesting ground for discussion, we talked about the future of the Tancho cranes, discussing their possibility of migrating and its presumed implications on Japan. The main problem, as so often, seems to remain the lack of awareness, making people unsure of how to behave in respect to the cranes.

This final discussion brought interesting ideas to the table, and it could have been an opportunity for more contradictory interest groups (Salmon Society and Fishery Corp.) to express their points of view, while us students could serve as mediators thanks to the insights we obtained during our field trips.


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