Trial and error in conservation efforts

I found Harada san’s statement about trial and error in relation to restoration efforts in Japan very interesting, and it could have been opened to discussion. He said that the idea of trying out something without being sure of its direct benefit is almost never considered in conservation efforts in Japan, naming the example of actively restoring migration patterns of Tancho cranes.

From what I have learned at university in experimental physics, trial and error is a strong research motor, and can bring by major results. Of course we are not talking about the same scale,  I nevertheless think that especially in fields like ecological conservation, there should at least be ground for discussion when it comes to unsure or unorthodox ideas. The main problem is the economic loss when an experiment fails, or even only fails to show its benefits within a short timespan. However, staying in this state of mind, there might be a lack of advancements in the field of ecology.


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