My favorite part of the trip

I enjoyed every second of the experience that was ready for us, but the best part was the heated debate we occasionally had among some of the students in the group. For most parts we never came to an agreement but it was such a fun either listening or to be participating in the discussion. We had people with such different perspectives, which allowed for enriching content, that was so interesting to be part of. I think the point of debate is not really to convince others to your opinion but to acknowledge other’s insight into your part for higher level of thinking within yourself. One’s belief is something that is one of the most difficult thing to change, so trying to convince others to your opinion not only defeats the purpose of discussion but also probably the most pointless thing to do. What one must do is to allow the other acknowledge your point of view whether they agree or disagree to gain understanding of each other. Clashes of opinion always occur and is completely healthy, except things can starts to go wrong and critically dangerous when either or both do not develop a fundamental respect for one another without accepting the opinion of others. Some discussion we had over the trip didn’t quite work out, but for most part I had something to learn each time. Great people! IMG_8079


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