on photography

I have not been able to produce blog posts the last few days of the trip, and so now I am on my bed in Tokyo to catch up with some of the writings. For this blog post, I decided to write about photography. I’ve been pressing the shutter through out this trip to capture as much of the moment as possible to make this trip memorable for everyone. I think photography is not only about recording the moment of time, but about how well you can capture the atmosphere, the personality, and the reality in your pictures. As people may have already noticed through looking at my photos, I love taking portraits in which the individual is not posing and at his or her natural state. In these photos I try to capture the moment of the individual’s movement or expressions that best portray the individual’s personality. It has been such a fun being the photographer on this trip, and I feel that I have learnt so much about photography taking so many photos (of course not more than I learnt about the environment!). It has been such a pleasure being a photographer!



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