Day 8: Wetland Adventure


On Day 8, Saturday, was a free day on which we had BBQ lunch and worked on our group presentation for the Wanda Grinda Project. I expected it would be a restful day, but it turned out to be the most adventurous day to me. Prof. Watanabe, Nicolas and I explored around Lake Shirarutoro (シラルトロ沼) after BBQ in the evening. The wetland surrounding the lake was so deep and broad that we could not actually reach the lake water, but walking through the wilderness, including the forests and a part of the wetland was indeed adventurous. Even compared to the walk we had along Old Kushiro River with Mr. Kosugi and local people on Thursday, exploring the wetland around the lake was the physically toughest experience I had during this Hokkaido trip. The view shown in the picture above was worth all the effort, though!


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