Day 9: The Last Hurrah

Today was the official last day of going out for field work and meeting stakeholders – we first headed back to Lake Akkeshi for a bio-survey. We met Professor Masahiro of Hokkaido University and other staff as we quickly dressed in waders and headed for the lake. We first went around the lake, looking what lurks beneath the waters then boarded the small boat and headed further down the lake. A net was cast and we caught what I first thought to be a huge lump of seaweed. As we were transferring the catch from the net to the basket, I was quite surprised to see all the small animals and fishes that were caught in the catch. We went back to shore and started to disseminate the various creatures into separate zip-lock bags then headed for the Akkeshi Marine Station nearby.


When we entered the lab, we immediately separated our catch in different shallow tubs filled with ice then studied each species. The laboratory analysis of what we caught was very interesting because we got to see a different side of aquatic life.


After conducting the bio-survey a short lecture followed. We then headed for Cape Aikappu and the Aikappu Museum of Natural History (Hokkaido University).


The museum was very interesting because it was filled with stuffed animals and the size of them surprised me – especially with the stuffed bear inside!


The climb – I admit – made me loose my breath, but the view took it away as I regained it. I was happy because I can finally tick the box on my non-existent Hokkaido bucket list: see deer.

All-in-all, today was a very calming day which is the perfect way to end our trips. I’m happy to learn a lot during our trips outside and the best way to show and summarize what we’ve learned and experienced will be through our presentations on the days to come.


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