Visiting Shibecha High School

Shibecha high school has the biggest high school in the whole of Japan in terms of the land owned by the school, with 200 students studying in total. With the students’ warm welcoming, they lead us to explore their “mini wetland” of their’s as well as the cowshed they have within their school. One of the student told me that they own 50 milking cows as well as some cattle, and they own around 60 cows in total, plus three pigs. It was such a great experience interacting with the local high school students who were very, very welcoming and prepared for us, in fact I was very moved by their presentation.

One of the girls in my group was so passionate about dears killed by hunters for the purpose of the reduction of deer population in Hokkaido. I found this very interesting because much of our focus of discussion has been about the reduction of deer population, in fact a high school student who live in Hokkaido was more focused on the treatment of the deer that has been killed. I respected her point of view and the activities she does to not waste the death of deers. This is an important point to mention because it certainly is one way of looking at the issue. When it comes to the deer problem, I think many tends to view the deers as pests and their value of life is automatically lowered to the level where they can just be thrown into the trashcan. However, the saddest part is that it is the human who caused the mass increase of deer population. The killing of deer in order to maintain the ecosystem is inevitable; however, we also need to respect the existence of the deers as a sacrifice we made for humans to learn new ethic.


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