The break we’ve all been longing for

After staying and brainstorming for hours about our proposals for the Wanda Grinda last night, me and my group members finally came up with, what I would think, a great idea. After breakfast today, in order to prepare for the pre-proposal session with Mr. Yoshikatsu Kikuchi, we all met up again to finalize everything. When the pre-proposal started, we looked at the other groups who went before us, nervous, but ready. Once it was our turn to propose, from the beginning to the end, I thought we did pretty well.


After the proposals were done, we went to eat BBQ around the corner of the main ryokan building. There, we feasted and when I say feast, I definitely mean feast. There was soooooo much food to the point where we had to cook the leftover meat and vegetables to eat for dinner. After lunch, in order to digest everything, we went down to the lake near the ryokan, explored, and just hung around there. The view was amazingly beautiful. I personally didn’t want to leave the place, but because we were getting eaten alive by mosquitos, we decided to come up and relax in order to prepare for our next adventure tomorrow. All in all, I got a total of 12 mosquito bites just going  to that lake… (sigh) I’m glad the view made up for all those bites 😛



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