Halfway through

First part of the day was a hike near Lake Takkobu. Before that we had a small lecture on the activities being done in preserving the lake by the rangers. I was actually surprised to see the abundance of water chestnuts there. It was not really visible at first but once you noticed it actually covers about 90 percent of the lake. Example of invading species I would say. They are indeed trying to reduce the population and explained the actions being carried out twice a year. After that, we were shown the reforestation project site. It takes about a few years before the trees can be transferred on site. The next part was the interesting part for me. Hiking up the steep hill to the observatory on top. Along the way, we had an activity involving catching bugs and then identifying them. This is because bugs determine the condition of the forest. We also got to see the Karamatsus ! (There is a reason for this excitedness)


Moving on, to the session after lunch at Shibecha High School. I find the school to be very unique and I think its good that they’re assimilating the education system to the town’s trait industries. Walking in their miniature wetland was fun too after all the wetland areas we went, I’m starting to get used to it.  Talking to the students there sort of gave me a new perspective on life. First of all, the way we think was very far apart. For example, they really like being in their town despite being far from facilities and modernity. As said, they like the peace and quiet in the countryside. I guess they’re really comfortable with how life is now to the point that they don’t really want to leave Hokkaido (to my surprise). I could say that I have been pretty much brainwashed by the city life. I mean being surrounded by nature is good too but I don’t think it would be my choice of living environment. Perhaps once in a while for a change of pace. One more thing worth mentioning is the bread which was really good, I pretty much ate everything since I could not eat the sausages.


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