Consumption of sea products

Wednesday 3rd August 2016, today I had delicious meals but one things gets my attention : I had fish for all my meal and for dinner i actually had fish in three of my dishes. It’s quite paradoxical to have lecture on overfishing while the consumption of fish on Hokkaido seems to overpass the actual needs of people. Even while looking at shops, sea products are everywhere and there is definitely something wrong with it. I would like to connect this point with the overall opinion I have about japanese people consumption of food that seem very few aware of environmental issues. Obviously, the consumer has a huge role to play to inflect production. People needs to have more knowledge on their products to consume with awareness of the outcomes and use their money as a tool to shape the agriculture they want for their country. Then, people living in Hokkaido, aware of the harms of overfishing, should self monitor their consumption.


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