Anzali Wetland

There are some interesting exchanges between the Kushiro and the Anzali Wetlands located in the North of Iran. Anzali is, as well as Kushiro, registered as a Ramsar site. As it seems, it is a “major breeding and wintering site for water birds around the world.” However, the Wetland has been degraded mainly by human interventions, bringing an “inflow of sewerage, wastewater and solid waste, and soil inflow from the upper stream mountainous area”.

In order to tackle the issue affecting not only Iran but the international Ramsar community, “the Government of Iran requested the Government of Japan to consider a technical co-operation for a comprehensive study to establish a plan for conservation of the Anzali Wetland.” Following this request in 2011, a basic work structure was bilaterally set up to help conservation efforts in the problematic areas. The most recent training activities were held in 2015 in Japan.

The Anzali Wetland Ecological Management Project is a great example of international cooperation on common interests, that can be seen as an example for further projects to come.




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