Salmon Sushi

I would only eat salmon sushi whenever me and my family went to the conveyer belt sushi restaurants as a child. Today, we learnt about the difficulties in growing salmon at natural state in which they hatch in the river and grow up in the ocean, and then come back to where they were born. Listening to the talk of the leader of salmon society this morning, it really made me think about the salmon I eat back in Tokyo. Of course much of the salmon are probably farmed, but to think of the difficulties as well as the efforts put to revive the salmon completely changed my perspective on the way I look at salmon at sushi restaurant. But at the same time, the flaw of the session today was that it lacked specific explanation on what they exactly do with their society. I would like to ask him question about the more specific details if I get a change to speak to him perhaps at the BBQ.




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