Day 7: Back to School

Yesterday’s adventure consisted of bugs, mountains, a school, a park, and lots of walking; an educational and very rewarding day! We first headed for the Takkobu MoE (Ministry of the Environment) sites for a study tour. Two park rangers gave us various lectures and showed us the different ecologies and conservation efforts in the park.


We then went on a walking tour to the Takkobu Area Reforestation Project first, then the footpath alongside the Yumegaoka Observatory.



The scenery was very beautiful and it made the climb worth the view.


After the hike, we headed for Shibecha High School for the long-awaited hike and presentation.


We were first showed around the high school after lunch – and I got to say, I was very much impressed by the school and their facilities. I got even more impressed later during their presentations when they showed us what are the lessons that they have learned in the high school such as food making and other agricultural things.

After they presented to us, it was our turn to introduce ourselves, then we grouped up and had discussions about Hokkaido and the environment. I was impressed at how the students were very friendly and how hardworking they are; in fact, they even built us a road just to get through the wetlands!

Yesterday was very rewarding and we were overcome with the hospitality of not only Shibecha High School, but with nature itself as well.


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