The trail that we blaze

(August 4)

Today was a very adventurous day, which gave me the feeling that Indiana Jones can go to the retirement home!

However, I might have underestimated the ordeal we would have to endure. At first I thought the trail would just be a little bit challenging, until i realized that we had in fact no trail at all! This walk was sometimes tough, but at the same time it gave us a rare opportunity to be literally surrounded by nature. Moreover, the company of the members of the salmon society made the tour very interesting, and I was really impressed to see how the elderly people were so fit and active. Everyone was very enthusiastic and we were always communicating with each other, so it gave a sense of community.

I also appreciated the tour to the sluice because the first one built in wooden structure in the 1920’s looked like the ones we have in Switzerland.

As for the afternoon, I was a little bit tired from our previous walk so I couldn’t understand what our stakeholders told us in Japanese but it was still a very valuable experience. I particularly appreciated that they wanted to give us the opportunity to walk into the wetland, because it felt indeed very different from usual.



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