Day 6: One Step at a Time

Today – I would like to admit – was one of the most challenging days for me so far. Thank goodness we were all prepared and dressed accordingly for the challenge of the day. We first stopped by Megumi Park to meet Mr. Kosugi, supporters from the Kushiro Salmon Society, Miss Yasuda, and other local tour participants.


While everyone went and had their bathroom breaks, my friend and I awakened our kids-at-heart and went for the playground (haha)!

We then went to the Iwabokki Sluice —


Then the hike – we went hiking for about two hours along the Kushiro River. It was an entirely new experience for me as I’m not much of an outdoor person and have never really hiked before. There was this one part where I actually sank down at almost to the knees near the wet areas of the trek! I felt very fulfilled and proud of myself for being able to achieve what I look at as a great achievement. The nature around the area and the views were eye-opening. The hike didn’t seem like two hours.

We had to say goodbye to our new friends from the hike and headed back to the inn for a quick lunch and for freshening up. We left promptly afterwards for a study tour of the Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport’s restoration sites. We first headed for the Kayanuma Area River Restoration Site then headed for the Hororo Area Wetland Restoration Site afterwards.



Everyday I learn something from this Hokkaido trip. It never fails to amaze me at how many things are on this planet and how little one person actually knows about it. So after hiking, climbing, ducking, sinking, and walking – we receive the reward of new memories and experiences made.


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