Day 5: contrast


Yesterday, we had lectures by Kushiro City Fishery Cooperative Association in the morning and Tsurui Ito Tancho Sanctuary in the afternoon. During the study tour with Mr. Harada, an officer of the sanctuary, we could meet Mr. Fujiwara who practices modern, industrial farming in contrast with Mr. Mitomo’s farming we learned about two days ago. Even though I personally believe Mr. Mitomo’s way of farming is ideal for coexistence of human and other organisms, there are indeed farmers like Mr. Fujiwara who continues industrial farming in which cows are fed with dent corns within the barn. There are several economical or mental obstacles that keep them from practicing My Pace Dairy Farming. After visiting Mr. Fujiwara’s farm today, I felt neither method, My Pace or industrial farming, could considered to be right or wrong.


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