Day 5: Earth, Air, and Sea

We started today’s adventure by first going to the Kushiro Marine Topos. We were all given a lecture on the fishery rights and management in Kushiro Port – which gave us such an interesting insight and a new perspective on fishing.



We then headed for the Kushiro Wetland Observatory for a quick lunch (and some really good “Tancho Crane ice cream”) and a break.

20160803_115204 20160803_115300


Lastly, we went to the Tsrui Ito Tancho Sanctuary for a lecture and a study tour on the famous Tancho cranes, which was both very interesting and entertaining. The study tour composed of a lecture at the Tsrui Ito Tancho Sanctuary, a bus tour (crane habits and habitat), a Fujiwara ranch, and an observatory.



We ended the day at the Kottaro Observatory. It was quite a flight of stairs (and steps) to reach the top, but the view was all well worth it.


I’ve learned so much today – both about the environment, the animals, my peers, and myself. I’ve learned to see the best of both worlds – comparing two similar things like two different kinds of dairy farming and the different types of perspectives on different topics like fishing. Everything is inside a web that interconnects with one another.


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