EVENT: Film Screening of “Who Owns Rivers? Waiting for Salmon at Okawa River Village” (July 10, 2015)

On July 10, 2015, we will be hosting a film screening event of the documentary film:

“Who Owns Rivers?

Waiting for Salmon at Okawa River Village”

Who owns rivers

Here are the details of the event:

[Date&Time] July 10 (Friday), 17:00 – 20:00

[Location] Building 2, Room 508 (Sophia University)

[Capacity] 100 people!!!

Guest speakers include:

Fumiyo Kikuchi – Director of the film

John Williams – Professor at Faculty of Foreign Studies, Sophia

This event will be carried out in two parts; the first half will be the screening of the film (96 minutes), which will then be followed by a round-table discussion with Ms. Kikuchi.

The film and the lectures/discussions will be in Japanese, with limited English interpretation by Professor Watanabe. English translated handouts will also be distributed prior the screening.

The film, “Who Owns Rivers? Waiting for Salmon at Okawa River Village” is a documentary film that examines people who have been practicing the traditional fishing method of salmon, called “Kodo Ryō” in the Okawa River of Murakami Yamakita District in Niigata Prefecture for more than 300 years.

For the purpose of this film screening, the representative of the production company「周」,and also one of joint planner, producer, and director, Fumiyo Kikuchi will visit the Sophia University. Thus, this particular event provides all participants with the opportunity to directly talk with Ms. Kikuchi.

Do not miss this unique opportunity!

Eager to learn more about the film? Check out the link below:

Who Owns Rivers-fliers and articles (Japanese)



企画、制作、演出: 菊地文代 前島典彦


【日時】 7月10日(金)17時~20時

【場所】 上智大学 四谷キャンパス 2号館 508号室

【定員】 100名

ゲスト: 菊池文代(監督)、John Williams(上智大学外国語学部教授)


「川はだれのものか 大川郷に鮭を待つ」とは、新潟県村上市山北地区の大川で300年以上続く鮭の伝統漁法「コド漁」を行う人々をを追ったドキュメンタリー映画。決して楽な釣法ではない「コド漁」と先祖代々から続く伝統を守り、自然と共存しながら生き生きと漁を行う地元住民の姿を描く。




川は誰のものかー映画概要 (PDF)


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